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by VIMUKHTI JAYASUNDARA | Feature film | 2011 | India-France | 90 min | color


Rahul, a Bengali architect who had gone off to build a career in Dubai, returns to Kolkata to begin a huge construction site. He is reunited with his girlfriend, Paoli, who had long awaited his homecoming, living alone far from her family. Together, they try to find Rahul's brother, who is said to have gone mad, living in the forest and sleeping in the trees. Despite appearances, the two brothers might have a lot in common.


Director/Screenplay: Vimukthi Jayasundara
Cinematographer: Channa Deshapriya
Sound: Dana Farzanehpour, Franck Desmoulins, Roman Dymny
Editing: Julie Beziau
Production design: Aloke Roy
Music: Roman Dymny


Cast: Paoli Dam (Paoli), Sudip Mukherjee (Rahul), Sumeet Thakur (brother), Tómas Lemarquis (soldier)


Executive producer: Vinod Lahoti
Co-producers: Philippe Avril, Michel Klein, Stéphane Lehembre

Executive Production company: Vandana Trading Cie (India).
Co-Production: Les Films de l’Étranger (France), Wallpaper Productions (France), Bear Called Dog (France).




May 18, 2011, Cannes International Film Festival


World sales : EastWest Filmdistribution

French distributor: Equation. Release: February 6, 2013


"After his brilliant Between Two Worlds (2009), Sri Lankan artist Jayasundara, in this Bengali film, does not give in to any compromise with his stylistic and political standpoints. Strange encounters in the jungle, strange quests in the city. A European soldier (Icelandic actor Tómas Lemarquis) lost in the jungle, an architect in Kolkata involved in a great project, a lost soul who could be his lost brother, a woman, and angry folks expropriated because of the big architectural project – a story to be followed together with Jayasundara’s images.

Jayasundara creates images. Not paintings, not graphics, not publicity: living visions. Cinematic dreams and nightmares, visible intuitions of the world around, visual understanding of what corruption of the society and corruption of the soul can do.

Jayasundara is a young relentless master, an example of what contemporary cinema can be: an art that ignores the frontiers between the so-called artistic disciplines only to reconcile them in a universal feeling of the current state of the world. Remember Apichatpong's Boonmee: ghosts are among us. They're called history."

(Marie-Pierre Muller, Mubi Europe)

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