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Tussen 10 en 12 | by PETER HOOGENDOORN | Feature film | 2014 | Netherlands, Belgium, France| 71 min | color

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Between the hours of ten and twelve a piece of news stops a family in its tracks, while around them life goes on as before.
One minute Mike is at home messing around with his girlfriend Katja, the next the police are at the door with terrible news that turns their lives upside down.
Together with the police officers Mike and Katja search for his parents to relay the news. During the car ride, time seems to stand still; the ordinary Rotterdam houses look just the same, and life outside carries on as normal. But the family in the patrol car remain in a state of numb shock. The contrast between the seriousness
of the situation and the banality of the everyday leads to painful, absurd and at times comical moments.


Director/Screenplay: Peter Hoogendoorn
CinematographyGregg Telussa
Editing:  Tom Denoyette
Production design:  Ben Zuydwijk
Costume design:  Sophie Van den Keybus
Music:  Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva

Cast: Nasrdin Dchar, Cynthia Abma, Ko Zandvliet, Elise van 't Laar, Raymond Thiry, Olga Louzgina

Producers: Keren Cogan, Petra Goedings
Co-producers: Philippe Avril, Tomas Leyers, Guy Van Baelen, Wilfried van Baelen, Simone van den Ende, Mylene Verdurmen
Production: Keren Cogan Films, Phanta Vision Film international, AVRO, Minds Meet, Unlimited, in association with Les Films de l’Étranger

Supports: Presented at the CineMart at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2010 and developed within the Writers Lab 2010 Binger Film Lab.
Supported by Eurimages, the Dutch Film Fund, Screen Flanders, Région Alsace and CoBO.

                         • World Premiere: Venice Film Festival, September 2, 2014     
                         • Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2014
                         • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015
                         • Munich International Film Festival 2015
                         • Galway Film Fleadh 2015
                         • Jerusalem Film Festival 2015
                         • Cinedays Film Festival 2015: Best Film Award

                         • Festival de Cine La Orquídea de Cuenca, Ecuador 2015 -

                            Best Director Award

                         • Dutch Critics Award 2015





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Distributor NL : Amstelfilm


How can you tell a young boy that his sister is dead? How does this young boy then tell his father the news? And how does this same father say it to his wife? In the intriguing Between 10 and 12 the admirable characters have this impossible task to do.
For his directorial feature film debut, Peter Hoogendoorn started with events he lived himself. He even filmed in the same places, in Rotterdam, where his sister died and where he had to announce it to his father. But the film is more distant than it seems from what these personal antecedents suggest, and this is certainly not a bad thing. Hoogendoorn does not put us at the place of a member of the family. The attention shifts, while the group widens every time someone learns the terrible news: from the police to the son and his girlfriend, then to the father, then to the mother.
The only characters’ point of view we share is the one of the girlfriend –the stranger–, who is in an awkward position, particularly uncomfortable at being in the heart of this intimate drama. But what emerges even more is perhaps a point of view of sadness, which draws her like at the side of an abyss.
Hoogendoorn takes always time to observe the simple everyday life of family members before they learn the horrible news. As a spectator, you do not live first with their pain, but you observe above all how they face the pain that falls on them, in masterly choreographed scenes where the smallest little gesture changes significantly.
(Joost Broeren, de Film Krant)


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