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by MIKAEL MARIGNAC | Feature film  | France, Finland

Synopsis : 2021, nearby Paris. Liisa, in her fifties, has invited Elsa (80), her mother, to come from Finland to spend Christmas time with her husband, Laurent, her two children, Philippe (18) and Anna (5), and Olavi (40), her little brother whom she has always taken care of - and who has been living not far from their family home for almost twenty years. Elsa is a bit lost. Her grandchildren don't speak a word of Finnish, she doesn't recognize Olavi dressed as Santa Clause... Liisa, on the other hand, wonders if Olavi has started drinking again.
When Russia invades Ukraine in February 2022, a painful and traumatic Finnish past resurfaces. Olavi sinks into alcoholism; the eldest son reconnects with his roots; Liisa questions herself and does everything to save her brother from his demons. 
Until the moment when her family threatens to implode..

Director & screen writer Mikael Marignac

Producers : Philippe Avril (Les Films de l’Étranger), Mark Lwoff (BUFO)

Supports  : 

Full Circle Lab Upper Rhine 2020
Aide à l'écriture du Finland Film Fund (2020 & 2021)
Aide au développement Région Grand Est (2020)
Aide au développement  duCNC (2021)
Aide à l'écriture du Centre for the Promotion of the Arts in Finland - Taike (2022)

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