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THE TRAIN OF SALT AND SUGAR: Official entry for the Oscars

The US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienes (AMPAS) has invited as every year the film industries of various countries to submit their best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film - i.e. a "feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue." For the first time, Mozambique submitted THE TRAIN OF SALT AND SUGAR as Oscar contender. The list of the 92 entries, including Licínio Azevedo’s movie, has been officially announced today. From the longlist, nine finalists will be shortlisted in late 2017, with the final five nominees known in early 2018. Premiered last year in Locarno on the Piazza Grande, THE TRAIN OF SALT AND SUGAR has been released in Portugal September 28th 2017.

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